S/He who Dares wins!

“Who Dares Wins’”   The SAS motto etched into the steps you ascend before Rap Jumping face first down  Urban Central Accommodation, a 25mtr/seven story building in South Wharf Melbourne. Seriously! This kind of rappelling is known as ‘Aussie Rappel’ because it was developed by the Aussies. Of course it was, the Aussies are a mad bunch!! […]

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Snow in Australia? Really?

Growing up in Ireland, I, along with many others, when thinking about the Land Down Unda’ thought about Sunshine for days, wildlife, breathtaking views,  Summer Bay, Ramsey street and definitely fosters beer.  I apologise to you Australia because you are much more varied than those stereotypical views. Especially when it comes to Fosters beer….NO Aussie drinks […]

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