Welcome to Australia

So, you’ve just arrived in (insert city here) Australia. Your jetlag has subsided and you are starting to think about what’s next. For anyone who has just arrived here’s some advice on what you need to get yourself up and running. So, in no particular order;

Australian Phone Number

This may sound like an obvious suggestion to some of you but I have noticed a lot of travellers are weary of getting an Aussie sim card.  Why? You can pick up a sim card in Coles or Woolworths (the two major supermarkets) for approx $2. If you are planning on travelling around Australia I would recommend Telstra or Optus or a company that use these lines, such as Amaysim. A lot of these sims will have different deals to suit your needs. Most will come with unlimited free texts and calls and sometimes even FREE international minutes. Now you don’t have to worry about International roaming charges,  If you meet people you can stay connected for cheaper, when you apply for a job you can be reached and if you book a tour and they need to contact you…BAM, they can. Remember people are more likely to call a local number than an international number.

Bank Account

Some travellers have a travel card or zero fee account set up before they arrive. If this suits you, stay with it. However, if you would like to set up an account the main banks are:

  1.  National Australia Bank
  2. Commonwealth Bank
  3. Westpac Bank

Generally speaking, hostels will allow you to use their address to set up an account but if you think you may be elsewhere, maybe organise to pick it up. Most hostels will not hold mail or forward o mail for obvious reasons (huge volumes of mail!) so make sure you have something organised.

Tax File Number

If you are here on a working holiday visa and you are employed, you will need a TFN. If you begin a job without one of these, you will be taxed at a higher rate until you do. Fear not, when you leave Australia at the end of your visa you can apply for your tax back. You can apply for these online and it costs $0. They usually say it should take approx. 2 weeks, in my experience it can take longer.

Job Hunting

So you’ve arrived and planned on getting a job, saving some cash and then travelling. What kind of work are you looking for? Hospitality worker? In, Australia you need to

Hospitality work: You will need to get a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) to work in any licensed premise. Each state have slightly different laws but it is possible to get an RSA that covers all states (except NSW) This makes it cheaper if you plan on travelling around.

Construction/Trade work: If you want to work on building sites you will need a White Card. If you are a qualified  tradesman (tradie) then make sure you have all your transcripts and that your qualifications are the same as in Australia (they generally are not)

Check out sites such as Gumtree,  Seek or Local Facebook job groups. Hostels will generally have notice boards somewhere. Check that out daily for job opportunities. Even better, get talking to your fellow travellers and ask them advice.

If you need any advice, suggestions or just a friendly chat, come see me, Cherie, at Space Travel







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