Snow in Australia? Really?

Growing up in Ireland, I, along with many others, when thinking about the Land Down Unda’ thought about Sunshine for days, wildlife, breathtaking views,  Summer Bay, Ramsey street and definitely fosters beer.  I apologise to you Australia because you are much more varied than those stereotypical views. Especially when it comes to Fosters beer….NO Aussie drinks it. After relocating to Australia,  getting used to opposite seasons and deadly creatures, I then learned that in Australia they have a snow season. Yup! You read that right….Snow. In Australia. Mind Blown.

Falls Creek, VIC, July 2016. 



So yes, there is snow in Victoria and New South Wales. (GASP!) In fact, the Australian Alps (also known as the snowy mountains) receive more snowfall than Switzerland….Yes! you read that right, MORE snow than Switzerland (WOW!)

  • Snow season in Australia is June-September
  • New South Wales is home to 4 ski resorts: Thredbo, Perisher, Selwyn Snowfields and Charlotte Pass.
  • Victoria has 5 resorts: Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Mount Buller, Mount Buffalo and Mt Baw Baw.


You’re never too old to make Snow Angels

A lot of people are under the impression that Snow holidays are super expensive.  Like with anything it can be  BUDGET OR BLOW OUT. Just depends on what you are looking for. A one day trip departing from Melbourne to Mt Buller starts at $85 (adults and $80 for a child) Bargain!

Included in this price:

  • Easy 3 hour each way transport
  • Early departure for more slope/play time
  • Gate fees
  • FREE Toboggan hire for the day! Whoooooo!

So your transport is sorted. Don’t have appropriate snow gear? Fear not! There are clothing items available for hire with gloves and goggles available for purchase from Mt. Buller (extra cost) You could also check out some op-shops (second-hand shops to you non-Aussies) which may have what you need and by buying second hand you’re helping the environment by reducing your textile and fabric footprint. Bazinga!

Want to give skiing or snowboarding a go? Why not, after all, when in Rome…

All the snow fields cater for beginner to experienced. Don’t know how to Ski or snowboard? No problem. Many resorts offer lessons or alternatives such as snow play and tobogganing.

On Board Costs

  • Unlimited Lift Ticket OR Beginner Discovery Unlimited rides on 7 Lifts/Hire / 2hr Beginner Lesson (Adult $129/ Tertiary $104/ Child $74)
  • Ski or Snowboard Hire (Adult $60/ Child $45)
  • Sightseer Chairlift ticket 5 -rides (Adult $32/ Child $22)
Ski Time

So what are you waiting for? Go skiing in Australia, watch the look of confusion and surprise on your friends and families faces when you tell them.

For more advice on heading to the snow  Click here and get in touch with us!


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