Uncle Brians; Fun, Falls & Forest

Vanessa one of my colleagues headed North last week for a winter getaway in Cairns. (Not jealous at all!) Whilst Vanessa was there she was lucky enough to experience Uncle Brians Fun, Falls & Forest tour. (Ok, maybe I am jealous) Here’s Vanessa’s experience of the tour along with some pictures she took of her day out…

From the moment you are picked up from your hostel, you are greeted by your newly appointed and extremely enthusiastic ‘Cousin Richie’.


I  met the rest of our tour group, who although were all shy, Ritchie ensured us we would all become best mates after the icebreaker games he had planned for us. It was obvious that many passengers on board were wanting to make new friends and by the end of the day,  my Facebook friend requests were off the scale!


Do not expect formal niceties and 5-star luxury service. Uncle Brian’s aims to provide you with a fun, informative tour like no other and breaks away from your average day of bleak commentary and staring out a  window for hours on end. In fact, our bus was called ‘The Mexican’ and even had a moustache on the bumper!


Expect a bit of swearing. Expect to share a whole lot of love – we had Elmo (yes you read right) on board to help us loosen up and enjoy ourselves with Cousin Ritchie.

IMG_4301 - Copy

We waved at strangers, sang with Elmo and laughed heaps. Expect a whole lot of cheesy music and one hit wonders. Expect the most beautiful nature. Josephine and Milla Milla waterfalls are breathtaking – just be prepared to get your Instagram hashtags ready!

Cousin Ritchie shared his knowledge and appreciation of life throughout the day. It is obvious he loves his job and wants to provide you with the best tour experience you’ve ever had.

This tour is definitely for those who are after something different and who love having fun. Do bring more than one towel and a second change of clothes, you are in the water most of the time. And for those who are not big swimmers, no need to worry. You can watch from a distance or sit by the rocks and put your feet in the water.


IMG_4284 - CopyNo need to worry about food either- they’ve got you covered. Plenty of food throughout and by the end of the day you are carrying a food baby.


I had so much fun on Uncle Brians and would definitely recommend it to any of my friends and family. I would love to go back and check out Uncle Brians other tours, Cape Tribbin’

IMG_4315 - Copy

I wonder if I have any annual leave left…….

If you would like to experience Uncle Brians tour, Click here.



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